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Welcome to George & Lynne, and their new George and Lynne Fan Site! Original Sun Newspaper Comic Strip Artwork. Contemporary Artwork from 1980 to 2000 with Sexy Fun & Gentle Bedroom Striptease Humour! Ideal Presents for Young Modern Couples or Newlyweds.
Sale of George & Lynne Original Artwork. Thirty years of chuckles and gentle erotica. Artwork: Josep Gual. Ideas: Conrad Frost. Read by millions daily in The Sun Newspaper. So..Buy, Sell, and Discuss. Requests with Pleasure.
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Last Updated February 2021.

Catalogue 5.

When Ordering Please State Catalogue Number and First Few Words of Dialogue. Thank You.

This Collection of twenty strips is interesting, as they are all Unsigned.
This is normally "Conrad and Gual" in the bottom right panel.

However, several below are marked
"Conrad Frost/Bardon.1986" (on the far left of the first frames).
So they may all pre-date the era of "Conrad and Gual".
We are open to correction on this.
Last Updated: March 16th 2021.

SOLD. "I hear that you and Donald.....".

SOLD. "Oooops..!"
SOLD. "Hi Leo. Hi Lulu"
SOLD. "I'll have the smoked salmon".
SOLD. "Do you realise....?".
SOLD. "Since he became....."

SOLD. "Dick's mean about money...".

SOLD. "Do you have an old-fashioned....?".
SOLD. "The last time..."
SOLD. "What's that..?".
SOLD. "Tea for you, m'dear..?".
SOLD. "And the year before..."

SOLD. "Look I can't believe it".

SOLD. "And now that your ex wife....".

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